Dream of Me Flirting

MEANING: Dream of me flirting indicates that the power to overcome all comes to you from your great spiritual strength. Better to do everything very calmly, we must flee from improvisation or there will be disruptions. Have a great time, but try not to make the same mistake you made last week. They are not as important as they once were. You must be determined and brave now, without waiting or looking the other way.

SOON: Dream of me flirting indicates that sunsets enhance your romanticism and sensuality. You have been out of circulation for a while but you are not rusty. There is someone who is very attentive to the results you get. Your physical health is optimal, but you may slip due to poor management of your emotions. Financial issues are still of vital importance to you.

FUTURE: Dream of me flirting shows that there are issues that will be put in your favor. A trip could help you be happier and change your perspective of reality. Those plans you have in mind are going to start taking shape very soon. You’ll be excited all day about the arrival of the new year. You may receive privileged information that will help you take one path or another.

ADVICE: At night you should talk to a family member. You own them, put them to work or ask for that push you need.

WARNING: Don’t turn down a job because you think it’s not up to you. Don’t get upset because you can’t do anything about it.

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