Dream of Making Chutney

MEANING: Dream of making chutney expresses that a friend or close family member is going to ask you for help, probably financial. You will run away from any kind of tension that may be around you. Emotional stress that will not let you fall asleep. If you work in partnership with others, you will notice a greater understanding with the partners. Pride plays these bad tricks, but they are not insurmountable if the relationship is really good.

SOON: Dream of making chutney suggests that you are more concerned with the mysteries of life, the transformation that experiences leave in you. Only you have the power to improve your life. Life is teaching you to have confidence in yourself and in the decisions you make. You’re on a pretty good streak and it’s time to take advantage of it in every way. It’s time to bring out all your greatness.

FUTURE: Dream of making chutney suggests that you will seek the essential, the really important and the priority in your life. They will be in a very good mood and willing to chat or share leisure time with friends. Health, both physical and emotional, is strengthened. If you use your head well, there will be no one to take away what is yours. You are in a time of change and that will benefit your economy.

ADVICE: You must be guided by it and be willing to make changes in your life. Express your true feelings with nothing left inside.

WARNING: Don’t complicate your existence and buy something of certain value. Don’t let your partner or family interrupt this new way of acting.

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