Dream of Lost Time

MEANING: Dream of lost time indicates that you must not put barriers to it to keep it going. Fantastic personal relationships await you. You know exactly what the next step is, but you are afraid. Getting to know places and people will become very stimulating. You may feel one way on the inside, but behave another way on the outside.

SOON: Lost time in dream symbolises that everything depends on you and the interest you put in recovering happiness. Rest and recovery from your sleeping hours are important to your health. There is a riddle about a person you would like to find out. After all, deep down you know that it is a moral obligation you have. You are much more powerful than you think, but you don’t want to realize.

FUTURE: Dream of lost time means that if you have fun and escape, you will manage to focus tomorrow. Everything around you has many more possibilities than you are exploring. You will feel that you can do everything, although you must avoid the excesses that have damaged you. If you express it with sincerity, you will see how things work better. The sooner you face it, the sooner you will be free.

More about Lost Time

Dream of time symbolises that you will concentrate on everything you do, but that will be for a short time. Family will give you great satisfaction and friends will help you to get rid of years of neglect. Spiritually you earn a lot, you feel comforted. Your generosity and sympathy will move the world. The adrenaline will go up and make you feel very powerful.

Dream of lost time contains special messages

ADVICE: Don’t lose faith and don’t stop believing in yourself. Show yourself more affective and try to bring positions closer.

WARNING: Patience is not one of your virtues, learn to master yourself. You don’t have to argue anything to be right.

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