Dream of Time

MEANING: Dream of time indicates that understands that this is not the time to grieve for anything in the past. You don’t have to stay in the same place all the time. Love, adventure, excitement will not be lacking in your life now. You are a born fighter and do not give up easily. The feeling of duty accomplished and doing things right will make you feel great.

SOON: Dream of time expresses that you are always ready to help and assist the one who needs you. No one stops you from doing what you really want. Now is the time to save, lay the foundations or prepare the jump with more caution and patience. You have good ideas and know how to put them into practice. You and your partner are not going through the best time.

FUTURE: Dream of time signifies that your partner will thank you and compensate you for the night. At work is a good day to promote yourself and achieve your goals. You will forget certain moments of loneliness that weighed you down a bit lately. A new and different philosophy of life begins. You have everything in your hand to get him out of the predicament he is in.

ADVICE: Enjoy that recovered friendship that will bring you very good moments. Give yourself time to mature it before exposing it and taking action.

WARNING: Be careful not to arouse the jealousy of the couple, if they have. Don’t worry if you get a certain feeling of nostalgia, that the past was better.

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