Dream of Leather

MEANING: Dream of leather symbolises that you will assume responsibilities that are not yours and that will take its toll. This day will be marked by several good news in this regard. At work, don’t become suspicious or think they talk about you in a low voice. Today your creativity, inventiveness and imagination will surprise many. Today you will feel that someone very special is thinking of you and that they appreciate you.

SOON: Dream of leather shows that the last few days of living together have tested how strong the bond is. You have in this day a great magnetism and sexual attraction. That calms you down and makes you breathe and be able to think about other things. That gives you strength and makes you see things with more optimism. You are living a fabulous moment and that doesn’t have to change.

FUTURE: Dream of leather indicates that the night will be dedicated to your partner, who will be pampered and cared for. That business you’re going to tow will be very beneficial. Dreams can be fulfilled, but they must have a real basis of possibilities. You will be calm and peaceful when you have taken that step. You will feel highly creative and get to work with something new that excites you.

ADVICE: Seek out moments of rest and relaxation on the weekends. Explain to that person calmly, without harshness.

WARNING: Don’t get into slippery slopes because they could be very negative for you. Keep this mood up to the end and don’t deflate if you encounter an obstacle.

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