Dream of La Llorona

MEANING: Dream of la llorona shows that keep an eye on the economic progress of your business these days, as major risks are foreseen. You are feeling jarred or shaken-up by something or someone. You need to regain some emotional balance and to safely let out your fears and frustrations. You need to pay more attention to some small detail. You are achieving great things on the job, but you are barely aware.

SOON: Dream of la llorona signifies that emotional balance is the most important thing for you. Now is the time to save, lay the foundations or prepare the jump with more caution and patience. In the summer months you prefer to enjoy trips and escapes with friends. If you have a project in hand, it is best to be discreet until you have everything ready. You assume a more responsible attitude towards personal relationships.

FUTURE: Dream of la llorona signifies that the rest of the day will be pleasant and even the domestic duties will not seem so heavy to you. If you manage to say what you haven’t yet told someone in your family you will feel better. You will stoically endure all that is thrown at you. You’ll even start taking up new challenges again. If you do your part to improve a delicate situation, it will improve amazingly.

ADVICE: Show your ideas or talents to others and you will attract collaborators. Be aware of what really suits you in all aspects.

WARNING: Don’t feel bad and fight for your happiness. Don’t get nostalgic and get rid of all the old and useless stuff.

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Afia Farzana

I dreamed that I was at school but I called lallorona’s daughter suchi from under my wardrope and she escaped then I see that for some reason our school majority called hujur (it is called father in christian)of our religion and the students said that hujur why don’t you check lallorona’s daughter suchi then he was going but I stopped him and gave him a knife saying you might need it he smiled and said thank you I will then he went there but next we saw that he suddenly came infront dead by rope


I just woke up from my dream and im in shock. My mom and i were driving and we were dropping of my bestfriend in a random road.. i dont know why tho.. mom said she was acting strange. We were driving home as we looked out to the right and saw llorona standing there. And my mom freaked out, so did i. She started googling smth then i woke up.. the clock was 06:00… the thing is.. i live in norway and ive never seen her before.. but she looked kinda like a bride? A crying bride.. and im 13 years old


I dreamed about la llorona when i was 5, i was walking in a subway looking thing, i came across a bathroom with a warning sign, behind the warning sign i saw la llorona, she also saw me so i ran away and she was chasing me, i had another dream of her, i was watching a movie and i looked behind me and i saw la llorona, but when i woke up she wasn’t there, but it felt so real.

Sophia Figueroa

I had a dream where my cousin and I were being chased by La Llorona in a neighborhood. We were the only people alive in the neighborhood but the only way to get her to leave us alone is if someone answered their door when we knocked. We were running around banging on people’s doors and we kept hearing screaming and crying getting closer and closer. She caught up to my cousin first and ate her and ran away. She then sprinted toward me and ate me.