Dream of Irony

MEANING: Dream of irony symbolises that the efforts you have been making for months will finally bear fruit. You must avoid any conflict that might lead you away from what you now need and want. Communication is the key to your success in family and love relationships. Perhaps some communication is missing between you. Don’t get carried away by false sentimentality or emotional blackmail.

SOON: Dream of irony means that in spite of your success, it is best that you try to be humble and not look down on anyone. Your partner is in the best disposition to strengthen the bonds that unite you. Analyzing and knowing one’s own defects is the way to go from now on. The best thing you can do is to go for parts. You are quite pacifist and like to bring order to conflicts or help someone to reconcile.

FUTURE: Dream of irony indicates that you will have to organize your agenda once and for all. Consequently, you do not lose your composure when problems in your relationships manifest themselves. In spite of the fatigue, you will get strength to be with your partner. New ones are coming that will excite you because you will put a lot of energy into them. You will have too many projects in mind to take care of everything at the same time.

ADVICE: Contrast the information as much as you can, and, once you draw your conclusions, act. Think positively and you will see how money, health and love will not be lacking.

WARNING: Beware of exotic foods, because they can be unpleasant to eat. Don’t force things or it will end up being much worse.

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