Dream of Imprisoned

MEANING: Dream of imprisoned signifies that be compassionate to the person you love, forgive their mistakes and overlook them. You need to put forth some effort in order to excel or succeed. Something might happen that will make you rethink your priorities and goals in life. Today someone will ask you a somewhat indiscreet question. The profession, work or trade sector is active and you will be very busy and dedicated to it.

SOON: Dream of imprisoned signifies that now your goals should be easier so you don’t run out. You need a new illusion and if you look around you, it is close to you. Spring is one of your favorite times of the year and you feel great at this time of your life. Something comes out of your life so that something new comes and a new rebirth arises. There is a lot of positive energy around you and your strong personality is exalted.

FUTURE: Dream of imprisoned shows that a friend will put you on the spot in front of someone else who is not really important to you. That will be very positive for all those closest. People who share your life closely will be very busy, complicated and exalted. A simple detail, a small gift, will make you feel very comfortable. Saying no to things you simply don’t want can be very beneficial to you.

ADVICE: You must take one more step towards the life you want so that your dreams can come true. Help him solve the problem in the best way.

WARNING: Don’t reproach, don’t criticize, just offer the understanding that person needs. Avoid acting on impulse and avoid having accidents while practicing sports.

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