Dream of Hooded Black

MEANING: Dream of hooded black indicates that value the experience of someone who can give you good advice to avoid making mistakes. You need to express some of your primal urges. Something that you had already given for impossible will become reality in the least expected moment. You have it tough if you want to act with all the guarantees. If you have not been able to enjoy your vacations during the summer, you will soon be able to pack.

SOON: Dream of hooded black symbolises that what began as a simple friendship now develops to other deeper levels. Perhaps it is time to consider, together with your partner, when you want to be parents. You have been out of circulation for a while but you are not rusty. You know that the best path is that of truth, and you live in accordance with this motto. By nature you are very outgoing and have a tendency to be the center of attention.

FUTURE: Dream of hooded black signifies that a very important personal transformation begins. They can open up many perspectives and a new way to get you excited. You will be very creative and will manage to finish on time works that seemed impossible to do. You will be like a sponge and will want to learn new things. They will be interested comments in which they can use you without you realizing it at first.

ADVICE: You must, however, trust that changes will be good and necessary. Show your passion without measure and spend all your time in achieving happiness.

WARNING: Beware of alcohol and anything else that might catch up with you tomorrow. Don’t let anyone stop you from being happy.

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