Dream of Head Exploding

MEANING: Dream of head exploding signifies that today you have a clear objective, that of prospering in your profession. Doing some relaxation will do you a lot of good to calm your mind and not let you get carried away by anxiety. You need to renew some mental structures to look at the future with more confidence. You start a positive cycle for personal relationships. Don’t look away or try to be unnecessarily distracted.

SOON: Head exploding in dream expresses that someone has owed you a debt for a long time and you don’t decide to claim it. The best thing for him is that you are honest and brave. Sometimes you forget certain details in your daily home life. You do not judge others by their outward appearance, ie their clothes, education or bank account. You like to always succeed and take the lead.

FUTURE: Dream of head exploding expresses that you will feel like a new person, much happier and you will like yourself more. There will be more people involved, count on it. You will speak loud and clear, and make yourself understood. Very soon you will convince them otherwise. Now you will have time to meet them again, but don’t expect it to be like before.

More about Head Exploding

Dream of head expresses that hard work will be your ally in these turbulent months in your company. If you have children they will trust you more, as will your partner and family. That will set you free and you will feel much better about yourself. There is nothing that you will not achieve if you put your full concentration and heart into it. Your mood will be more serene and eager to have a good time in general.

Dream of someone exploding signifies that you continue to be the focus of attention wherever you are. Now it’s up to you to play to be a winner. What you do extra will be rewarded by those above you. Flexibility will be your ally in this test that puts your life ahead of you now. You’ll find a way out of a rut with the help of a friend.

Dream of head exploding contains special messages

ADVICE: Be calm, even if it is hard for you to appear calm. Look for your own space and time, as this will bring you peace of mind.

WARNING: Don’t worry if you get a certain feeling of nostalgia, that the past was better. Don’t believe everything he says, because there may be some trick or deception in his words.

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