Dream of Head

MEANING: Dream of head symbolises that you will do it and be looking forward to the day you will enjoy it. Believe in yourself so that from now on the encounter with what you most desire can take place. An issue in your life may be clearing up. Romance magically envelops your environment. Try to control your impulses to avoid misunderstandings.

SOON: Dream of head symbolises that there is still a decision to be made without rushing. Sometimes timely advice can avoid unpleasant situations. It’s time to assert yourself and show off even more in your performances. That person is well aware of your position, even if you don’t explicitly tell him. You are very valuable, but you don’t always remember.

FUTURE: Dream of head suggests that changing the landscape, even for a few hours, will come in handy. Your best weapons will be your good communication, your creativity and your talents. There will be children around you and that will make you happy, it will give you tenderness. You will feel joy and satisfaction at the achievements of the last days. On the professional side you will find more balance and harmony.

ADVICE: Accept life as it is and it will bring you many more benefits and opportunities. Accept your reality of the moment with its limitations, and continue to work in the right direction.

WARNING: Don’t burden yourself with everybody’s problems and find your place, dosing your mental energies. Be cautious and do not leave any aspect of the matter to chance.

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