Dream of Giving Testimony In Church

MEANING: Dream of giving testimony in church means that today you will dedicate the day to think about what you are going to give to each of your commitments and you will stress. It’s better to put your attention on the real thing so you don’t get any more disappointments. You need to learn to cherish the smaller things in life. Resolves a financial situation that was troubling you a lot. You are open and receptive to new changes.

SOON: Giving testimony in church in dream symbolises that you are no longer so tense or tired and have managed not to think too much about certain matters. There is a lot of energy in the family aspects and in the great friendships of your life. Only you have the keys to understand what you really want. They can test you again in professional matters. In the economic aspect it is convenient that you save from now on.

FUTURE: Dream of giving testimony in church shows that communication in a harmonious environment will be a priority. Believing in you means trusting life and that things will work out for the best. In case you need help, your partner could provide it, even if it seems strange. Someone might ask your advice on a professional issue. Perhaps a family member has had a similar experience and can guide you.

More about Giving Testimony In Church

Dream of church expresses that you will know exactly who to give your heart to. Someone may disappoint you by his or her actions, but it will not undermine your mood. You will now have the power to convince and to make love to the one you are so interested in. Someone close to you will give you good news that will make your day. At night you will like to take a walk, maybe in solitude.

Dream of testimony signifies that if you are a smoker, you will have great willpower to quit the vice. You are at a good time to take a step further in your relationship. You still have a good time for career or study. Dreams can be prophetic and your revelations will be very successful. You would do well to see a doctor instead of self-medicating at home.

Dream of a giving shows that you will have patience and ability to solve everyday problems in the work environment. You will see like never before the possibilities that are offered to you. New love and professional adventures will brighten up your life. Money will no longer be a concern for you. A new economic situation can be positive to improve communication.

Dream of giving testimony in church contains special messages

ADVICE: Take care of your health and try to sleep well at night. Be careful what you wish for, it still comes true.

WARNING: Analyze a mistake you made last week, learn from it. You must reduce your expenses to the maximum, minimizing purchases and avoiding unnecessary luxuries.

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I dreamt about some else giving testimony in the church , about being healed through something he took, and everyone was coming to see and surprised

Heavenly Joy

I dreamt I was giving a testimony in church, singing joyfully, and rolling on the floor. Then I told a friend to thank Jesus for me whenever she meets him because he has done a lot for me
. And I was shedding tears of joy