Dream of Funeral

MEANING: Dream of funeral shows that you will surprise those closest to you too much with your attitude. You are interfering in the healing process. Rest in the afternoon and give yourself a homemade pleasure, a good relaxing bath or a small romantic dinner. If you are called to endorse problems, avoid getting involved in any way. In order to become stronger, you need to hold up others so they will hold you up.

SOON: Dream of funeral expresses that it’s a good time for you to expand your circle of friends or interests. You tend to manichaeism, not everything is pink, nor black or white. You have been very supportive of a friend who has been through a very difficult time emotionally. You start a favorable stage from the erotic point of view. You enjoy a good time from a sexual point of view.

FUTURE: Dream of funeral suggests that those who offended you with negative comments will now approach you for forgiveness. Although you will invest a lot of free time, in the end you will get everything in order. If you face it head on and don’t hide from the real reasons, you’ll nod more freely. You will have to know how to look good for someone who has done you a favor. In it there can be many wonderful things that make you enjoy this moment.

ADVICE: Trust in the power of your strength and calm your mind and spirit. Be firm, clear, and speak the truth before.

WARNING: Be careful with money and avoid carrying a large amount. Don’t trust someone who can betray you and play with your cards and theirs.

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