Dream of Free Food

MEANING: Dream of free food symbolises that everyday problems will disappear, at least for a few hours, from your life. The decisions you make today will play an important role in your life. Do not react negatively to someone who is not at fault. You have started the year willing to change what you don’t like. Setting limits on who you love is essential for healthy self-esteem.

SOON: Free food in dream suggests that many, even if you don’t want to admit it, depend on you. Right now you feel like flying free and you don’t want to commit to anyone. The best they can do in this situation is to seek powerful allies. Love is all around you and now it is even more intense. You have met someone who interests you, but you don’t know if the feeling is reciprocal.

FUTURE: Dream of free food expresses that a book will open your eyes, it will give you ideas that will be very useful. Social networks will give you an idea to focus your future work. Finally everything will remain a mere anecdote, but you must be strong. Soon you might get some kind of award or recognition. You are free to think and do what you want.

More about Free Food

Dream of food shows that you will be more relaxed if you visit the doctor. Your values change and you will be more inclined to surpass yourself, but in the spiritual aspect. Physically you are in a favorable moment, you will not have any difficulty with your health. You can put into practice that hobby you do in solitude. New friends will come into your life as soon as you are open to certain changes.

Dream of free food contains special messages

ADVICE: Take a salt bath with very hot water and close your eyes for a while. You need to trust yourself, and the perfect time has come to do so.

WARNING: Stay away from beings that absorb your positive energy, psychic vampires. Be more communicative and honest, otherwise everything will go wrong.

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