Dream of Fountain

MEANING: Dream of fountain suggests that it will be an unforeseen day, of having to be on the move even if you are on vacation. You have to be patient and wait a few days to return to the charge. If you are in harmony and feed wisely you will not have to regret. It will be an especially pleasant day in which you will feel the affection around you. You may feel that your opinions and suggestions don’t matter or are being ignored.

SOON: Dream of fountain signifies that there is still time for it to arrive and there is no use in pushing or getting nervous now. Love passes to a deeper and more mature stage. If you do, you regenerate yourself mentally and that is very good for you to face the week. It’s about having fun, not getting stressed out. You radiate happiness, perhaps because you have met someone at the least expected time.

FUTURE: Dream of fountain indicates that above all, there is good news about the job. You regain peace of mind and go about your business. You may have to travel to finish a conversation that can bring you good benefits. They will respond to you as you need them. Love will have a lot to say in your life in the coming weeks.

ADVICE: Be aware of your priorities and act accordingly. Analyze everything you are told so that the steps you take are safe and conscious.

WARNING: The change is positive, but you must keep your feet on the ground, to avoid disappointment. Don’t trust email or whatsupp for a money matter.

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