Dream of Footprints

MEANING: Dream of footprints means that your friends will be a talisman for you today. You will see how they notice that subtle posture and begin to recognize your worth and ability. Today you will behave in a refined, charming and sociable way. You will solve everything well, but there may be a mid-afternoon drop in energy. It will be a tense day for those who work in a family business.

SOON: Dream of footprints shows that for the time being it is better not to get involved in any attempt to vary what you have. You feel that a dream is closer to being fulfilled. This situation can be fixed if there is no loss of patience and good communication. You love your partner to the point that you would be willing to do anything for her. Constancy is indispensable for you to achieve good results in your work.

FUTURE: Dream of footprints signifies that money is going to come to you in abundance and you will not have to set your mind to it. A journey will be the pill you need to reconnect with your essence and your happiness. Possibly you will be very happy and you can resume a relationship satisfactory to both. Your spirits improve enough to face those issues. This will require you to discover your hidden gifts.

ADVICE: Listen to the calls for help from those closest to you. Relax and don’t think about complicated or tense issues.

WARNING: Don’t put limits or brakes on all the beautiful things that can happen in your life. Do the math and you will see that maybe you have spent on something completely unnecessary.

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