Dream of Flash Flood

MEANING: Dream of flash flood indicates that today in love you will be selective and will not let yourself be carried away by what you see on the outside. You will do it and be looking forward to the day you will enjoy it. Any help you can give to others will be multiplied in the future. There is an emotional void in your life. You will like to observe closely every person who enters your circle of friends for the first time.

SOON: Flash flood in dream signifies that what you are perceiving from others is only a reflection of what you think of yourself. Your life is yours and so you must think. You are human, and in that sense everything you can learn about yourself is good. You always go ahead, advancing with your feelings in the clear. It’s time to think things through and look for more stability.

FUTURE: Dream of flash flood shows that a person at work will have a lot of influence on you. The course of events can change at any time and will be very favorable to you. Health is a theme that will touch you all this year. You will be very inspired and focused on it and will spend a lot of time. If you have a social project or a project to help others, you will enjoy it.

More about Flash Flood

Dream of flood means that every union is now stronger than ever before. If you have children who live far away they will claim your attention. Believe it or not, you’ll be away from a source of malicious comments. That conversation will give you many clues to his intentions. You will feel better with some exercise or meditation.

Dream of flash flood contains special messages

ADVICE: If you don’t have a job, you need to stop worrying and take action. Try to show your best charms in the art of communication and even some seduction.

WARNING: Don’t think for a moment that you are not good at doing this or that. Control any excess so that they do not abuse your goodness.

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