Dream of Firm

MEANING: Dream of firm expresses that your more possessive side will come out and jealousy could overpower you. A trip is on your mind but you can’t quite put it on your calendar. You’ll run into a friend who lately seems hell-bent on opposing you. It is not time to lose the gifts that life gives you. Sometimes you need to compromise your ideals and be more realistic of your expectations.

SOON: Dream of firm symbolises that there is a facet of your personality that tends to rebellion and confrontation with power. In addition, you still have something to celebrate, something you have postponed for the holidays. You used to have several family members depending on you and now that situation has changed. It’s one thing to help others and quite another to solve their problems. The question is whether you really want it, or prefer to stay in the current.

FUTURE: Dream of firm shows that certain family obligations will not be as burdensome as in the past. There is a friend who inspires you, even if he is not around. You will see that there is another way to achieve your goals. At this beginning of the year there are things you are willing to change. You’ll have to be more persuasive with some people in it if you want to get away with it.

ADVICE: Clarify your goals as soon as possible and use the right path to be at peace with the universe. Delegates responsibilities at work, especially these days.

WARNING: Don’t keep insisting to that person who doesn’t want to follow advice. You should give less importance to a family problem that is blocking you at certain times.

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