Dream of Eyesight

MEANING: Dream of eyesight signifies that nothing serious, but prevention is always much better than cure. It is imperative that you get organized and make time for everyone. Don’t put barriers to anything and let yourself be carried away by a frivolous point. You are not approaching the problem directly. You are very defensive because of a bad experience you have had.

SOON: Dream of eyesight signifies that you think there is a path that is yours and you need a change in what you are doing now. September is a favorable month for both physical and emotional changes. You know well what you should focus all your energy on right now. You are looking for the professional help of a friend who has already given you a lot in that field. True success is built day by day, it does not come all at once.

FUTURE: Dream of eyesight suggests that talking to someone in your inner circle will help lift your spirits. Overall, your life could take a dramatic turn. A family member, perhaps your parents or a sibling, offers to help. You know that everything is possible when you give your all. You will think better of things and will not throw yourself into making important decisions.

ADVICE: Take advantage of the day to rest and recharge your batteries. Autumn, now approaching, should be a time of searching.

WARNING: And, above all, don’t listen to a toxic person who seems to want to make your life impossible. Go with caution as your impatience may play tricks on you.

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