Dream of Eyesight

MEANING: Dream of eyesight shows that you will feel again the strength of passion, just as you like it. You’re going through a great time on the professional level. Stress, nerves and bad sitting posture will be blamed, for your health problems. They will thank you from their hearts, though you must not let your guard down. Maybe you have to stop fighting for something obsolete and change your course.

SOON: Eyesight in dream indicates that what you have decided is right, regardless of other options. You’ve learned your lesson, it’s time to take another step in the direction you’re going. You can solve it with peace of mind and no stress of any kind. You have the necessary tools to organize yourself effectively. You are happy because your feelings are the same as the first day.

FUTURE: Dream of eyesight shows that you see now the light at the end of the tunnel in which you were. There are circumstances that favor you and you must know how to take advantage of them. You will be much more romantic and talkative than usual. Your posture of acting normally gives good results. You will know how to handle the situation with the style that characterizes you.

Dream of eyesight contains special messages

ADVICE: If you have children, take advantage of moments to be with them and spend more time than usual. Allow yourself to do all those playful activities that are sometimes so necessary.

WARNING: Don’t bring out your most stubborn side, even if you think you are right. Don’t act like a child if something doesn’t go your way and you see that you can’t get that whim.

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