Dream of Eyes

MEANING: Dream of eyes signifies that you must disconnect as much as possible so that you can live the beginning of the course in the best way. Your relationship can be much better if you act that way. A new stage is opening for you that will be filled with exciting events. Anything you do today will help you to disconnect from everyday worries. Your positivism and good mood will be on top.

SOON: Eyes in dream indicates that it’s best to get by on your savings or take out a loan from a family member. The good deeds of the past now return in good opportunities for you. You have the opportunity to leave behind certain fears or complexes in your personal relationships. Your happiness depends on the choices you make. That project you have in your hands is progressing favorably.

FUTURE: Dream of eyes expresses that you will feel hopeful and willing to do anything. A magical coincidence will open a door that could change your life forever. You will feel loved and have a great time with them. Your independence is emphasized, but beware of the feelings of others. In some social group you frequent, you could meet again with someone from your past.

Dream of eyes contains special messages

ADVICE: Enjoy together to the maximum the gift that is to live. Check that what he says is true and then see how you solve it.

WARNING: Stay away, as if it were a plague, from negative people who do not contribute anything. If you feel like talking to a specific person, do it without generating expectations.

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