Dream of Elbow

MEANING: Dream of elbow signifies that it’s a promising start, full of positive energy. Trust yourself and things will turn out better than you imagine. You are moving ahead in life on your own terms. You must face what is inside you. Try not to say what you really think if it is about professional or client relationships.

SOON: Dream of elbow indicates that that where there is war, you put peace and where there is chaos, you put harmony. There are roads that are not as fast as you thought, but you are on them. Decision makers are focused on other issues. The important thing is that you act freely. In the sexual arena you still have an unresolved conflict.

FUTURE: Dream of elbow symbolises that going with leaden feet will be very good for you now. Patience will be your ally in that climb to the top. Your forces are renewed with optimism and everything will seem simpler and kinder to you. Deep down you will be clear about who is right, but you will have to be brave to express it. Finally, you will be happy if those changes occur.

ADVICE: Try to walk more and use the car only the essential. Understand your limits, and be kind to other human beings.

WARNING: You must learn to control these childish jealousies as they wear down the relationship. You must not allow yourself to be manipulated by others.

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