Dream of Duty

MEANING: Dream of duty signifies that it will be a day in which you will have to do paperwork and solve bureaucratic issues. With your partner things are going well. So far it has behaved in an extraordinary way. Don’t do it alone, don’t take full responsibility and, even if it costs you, ask for help. Perhaps you need to attack your problems from a different approach.

SOON: Dream of duty suggests that your subconscious was hiding it until you were ready to face it. The smartest thing is to let the downpour go by without giving it any more importance. Now it’s a matter of prevention and keeping you in top condition. It’s time to talk about love, to exteriorize your feelings. If you yearn for that inner desire perhaps it is time to consider it seriously.

FUTURE: Dream of duty expresses that a matter of friendship is straightened out, takes a much more suitable or interesting turn. Your love will now be more spiritual than physical. You free yourself, you become independent of everything that weighs you down and slows you down. In addition, you will like to consult with your partner or a person of your full confidence. It’s good to take strength for the week, you’ll need it.

ADVICE: Stay calm at all times and delegate as soon as you get a chance. Take advantage of everything that happens to you for your own benefit.

WARNING: Avoids unnecessary distractions and risks. Refuse to follow the steps that strive to mark you.

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