Dream of Dribble

MEANING: Dream of dribble suggests that in love things do not go too well. Think that he knows you well and that maybe what he has done is for the good of the relationship. Today you must dose your energy so you don’t run out before the end of the day. Something or someone is restricting you from fully expressing yourself. You are being set up to take the fall for the actions of others.

SOON: Dream of dribble shows that you are living a time of much change and altering your habits. You know how to be very obstinate in your objectives. There are certain things that are just hobbies and you can change them if you put your mind to it. Everything is renewed and you are happy to be able to do it to your liking. You can find it by asking contacts you trust and know have done well.

FUTURE: Dream of dribble suggests that you will feel at peace with yourself after taking a step that you intimately knew you had to take. Now you will do it and get to be centered in it, with the five senses. You have been working very hard and you deserve the results you are getting. The others know about your good professional work and your prestige is beyond suspicion. Facing your limitations will make you happier, and you will always be happy about it.

ADVICE: Be more thrifty and plan well those outlays you have to make for the vacations. You need to have fun and share time with people who raise your energy level.

WARNING: Try not to be so stressed out and leave the most accessory for another day. Don’t argue with your bosses because it won’t lead to anything good.

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