Dream of Dowry

MEANING: Dream of dowry signifies that face it with courage, evaluating the most positive part you can have. There is a wall that is keeping someone from getting through. Something you want is resisting you too much and you feel discouraged. You will discover, in a review of the bills, that there are certain accounts that do not fit. You will live a rather hectic day, but in the end you will be very comforted to know that you have done well.

SOON: Dream of dowry indicates that you feel like a fish in water in the art world. Your patience is usually almost infinite and you take things very calmly. The best opportunities are those you create for yourself, as will be the case here. That inner and spiritual growth makes you feel at peace. You’re on the safe side, with enough information not to slip and a cool head.

FUTURE: Dream of dowry suggests that your curiosity to know more about the occult will lead you to investigate esoteric subjects. In the afternoon you will live an unforgettable experience. You think you have everything under control, but life will surprise you once again. Social life, your circle of friends, expands. A person close to you will help you much more than you expect.

ADVICE: Bundle up well, for you can still catch a cold. Expect good news regarding your job or profession.

WARNING: Don’t get into labor conflicts that take away your energy and give you absolutely nothing. Don’t dramatize anything, you know that there are things that are not going to change for now.

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