Dream of Diya Going Off

MEANING: Dream of diya going off means that you are stuck in a routine where you are doing things by rote. You won’t last much longer without taking care of yourself. But do not unload on a certain person your negative side, with your bad mood. Don’t be in a hurry at all. Distraction with pleasant and relaxing things will be a balm for you.

SOON: Dream of diya going off means that you are a born saver, as well as a hard worker, organized and efficient. Sometimes it’s time to be in a lower mood, but that doesn’t mean you should feel bad about yourself. Dreams can give you many clues to what is really going on. The most important thing is that you free yourself from fear. It’s time to follow your dreams and make plans for your future.

FUTURE: Dream of diya going off shows that you will plan different events in advance and take advantage of them to organize your closet. The state of confusion will vanish at night, when you arrange everything in your own way. You will set your own goals and not those that others want to impose on you. There are solutions that are within you and although with some work and effort, you will find them. The economy stabilizes and money arrives in greater quantities.

ADVICE: Take advantage of a moment of relaxation, perhaps at a meal, to talk about it. Be patient but persistent at the same time so you can achieve what you so much desire.

WARNING: Forget misunderstandings and focus on the things that matter. You can’t continue to do something you know will harm you.

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In my dream, as soon as entered in to the workship Diya went off May i know the meaning please?


Actually I don’t see diyas in my dream but I everytime draw diya with my fingers on my bed or at the table .Even I use to draw stars sometimes


I saw diyas go out suddenly by air when I’m in goddess temple and also diyas went off when I was leaving temple. Is this a bad omen?


I dreamt about diya is going off because of thunder and I’m firing it again it happened 4-5 times


In dream I was watching a serial and in that serial a sage was lighting a lamp by seating a man and then the lamp was lit off and the sage was shocked..is this a result from watching too much serials, or any sign of good omen?


I dreamt of a lighting diya going off kept in front of my dad’s photo who passed away few years ago & v r actually going to tirupati for God’s dharsan


In my dream as soon as I went near diya to bow and workship it went off. May i know the meaning please?


In my Dream I saw idol of Lakshmi and diya lit in front of her was slow and it went off. Please let me if this is bad?


In my dream I saw that the main Diya in puja room is not lit
2 out of 3 Diya’s are lit but the main one is not lit
Please tell me what it means

Indrani Arun

In dream Lakshmi Diya was upside down and want to know whether good or bad.