Dream of Diarrhoea

MEANING: Dream of diarrhoea expresses that try to be kind, correct and not to show too much what you think and everything will work well. Don’t pout if a classmate tells you that he or she is taking a break or has something to do. You will be able to lead a work meeting where you will have an opportunity to show off. You must continue to fight for what you want and make some sacrifices. You need to take a chance on a relationship and make that that emotional plunge.

SOON: Dream of diarrhoea signifies that yours is only a point of view and it is neither better nor worse than that of others. It’s time to put everything on a scale and see what’s really important to you. Emotions are messengers, but you must be willing to learn from those messages. The best opportunities are those you create for yourself, as will be the case here. The best thing you can do, for the moment, is to just listen to him with all your heart.

FUTURE: Dream of diarrhoea means that if you do, you will feel liberated and calm. You will meet interesting people and have the opportunity to dance with lifelong friends. That generosity will bring you smiles and spiritual well-being. You have many doors that will open if you are willing to accept challenges. A good career opportunity may present itself at the least expected time.

ADVICE: Remove fears from your life and decide to trust yourself fully. Get more involved in the projects that arise and contribute ideas as they will be well received.

WARNING: Don’t get carried away and look at your own margins and options. Apologize as soon as you realize it and don’t make the same mistake as a few weeks ago.

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