Dream of Defecating Worms

MEANING: Dream of defecating worms suggests that after a long time of job uncertainty, you may have to make some important decisions. It’s time for you to buy the tickets for that trip you’ve been wanting to take for so long. You have a lot of tenacity and will power and that will be very clear today. You believe that you are constantly learning, even when you are not in the classroom. You will feel very radiant and more than intelligent.

SOON: Defecating worms in dream symbolises that you know what interests you about that person. It’s time for you to stop hiding from others and dare to be yourself. The realization itself requires sometimes small jumps of courage. The decision is not so complicated, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. This is someone who wrote to you last week with a somewhat mysterious message.

FUTURE: Dream of defecating worms suggests that new friendships and new loves will brighten up your existence. You’re going to prove you have hidden talents. You will easily solve a matter that seemed complicated. There are commitments in sight that make you feel happy. If you leave behind some cowardice, everything will work around you much better.

More about Defecating Worms

Dream of worms symbolises that if you have a partner, it will be a very passionate day. You will continue to gain friends by your great generosity. Your professional prestige will increase and you will learn a lot. You have given your best and in the end you will succeed. You will start a very important change in your economy, enjoy it.

Dream of defecating worms contains special messages

ADVICE: Rest and going out in nature will do you good. Let the day go by itself and adapt to the circumstances.

WARNING: Keep a low profile for the next few days. Be careful not to arouse suspicion or envy.

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