Dream of Dates

MEANING: Dream of dates shows that don’t worry, it’s nothing serious, but you will have to make an effort to solve it. You may need to put forth a little more effort toward some relationship. You will spend a lot of money on an activity that, deep down, you don’t like that much. Today you should put your feet on the ground and shake the clouds off your head. Your health will greatly improve and you will feel full and vital as you have not felt in a long time.

SOON: Dream of dates means that it’s time for you to enjoy, without further ado, what life has to offer. Maybe that’s what you’ve been doing lately. You need more self-discipline to benefit from your creative potential. People feel at ease with you because of your positive and supportive vibrations. You have many external stimuli, but it is time to be with yourself.

FUTURE: Dream of dates symbolises that you finally finish a project you have spent time on. Someone will recommend a book that, in your current situation, could help you a lot. The most important thing will be to put illusion to what you do or you will not hold the pull. Someone will make you feel a very strong attraction. You can do for you what you have not done so far.

ADVICE: Dare to take the leap you never dreamed of. Distract yourself and wait for the results.

WARNING: Don’t let fear stop you from progressing or missing a good opportunity. You need to disconnect from your obligations.

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