Dream of Cuts

MEANING: Dream of cuts suggests that you are conscious of what emotions you allow yourself to be expressed. Be honest, don’t hide anything from her and tell her how you feel or everything will be worse in a few days. Know what the truth is behind the appearances. There is a problem that you may not be fully aware of, but it is nagging at your subconscious. You need to be more in tune with your spiritual side.

SOON: Dream of cuts means that things are going better than you expected and that makes you very happy. To rectify is of the wise, so you can apologize and start from scratch. It’s time for you to consolidate some friendships you had somewhat neglected. The most important is the one inside and the one that connects you with love. It’s a promising start, full of positive energy.

FUTURE: Dream of cuts signifies that an encounter with someone very special will put you in front of the doors of love. If you don’t know, ask for help because you will find someone willing to help you. Money through inheritance or gifts comes into your hands, make sure you make good use of it. You could be very disappointed with a friend, but you will find refuge in the couple or your family. The family and domestic sector now come to the fore.

ADVICE: Try to be attentive and, if at any time you do not succeed, check later the work done. If you don’t see it clearly, ask someone who masters the subject for help.

WARNING: Control any excess so that they do not abuse your goodness. You should not be so demanding on yourself, so as not to be so demanding on others.

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