Dream of Crush

MEANING: Dream of crush signifies that today you will change tactics and the results will be immediate. Don’t be obsessed with something going exactly as you planned and would like it to. Something that you have in your hands and that at first seemed simple can become complicated at the last moment. If you find yourself in a family discussion, you should not position yourself. You will respect the criteria of others, even if you do not agree with them.

SOON: Dream of crush shows that the natives of your sign live stages of melancholy. It’s time to select the right company to enjoy everything and not be too stressed. You can ask for help or advice from the people around you, but the solution is within you. In your work things are going well, even though monotony despairs you. The social life appears to be moving and with positive derivations for your professional activity.

FUTURE: Dream of crush means that he will understand sooner than you think and will not take it badly. From now on, it will be good for you not to lose sight of what is truly important to you. You recover almost miraculously now from any economic problem that may be affecting you. You will focus your attention on the work more than on anything else and on purely material matters. Your state of mind will be positive and you will face the setbacks of the day with humor.

ADVICE: Don’t be discouraged, because before you know it, there will be a stroke of luck. You should incorporate sport into your daily life.

WARNING: Get as far away from her as possible without saying anything. Don’t bring out your pride and open your mind to those who provide you with practical solutions.

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