Dream of Chips

MEANING: Dream of chips means that you need to repent for some misdeed that you have committed. Listen to your inner self when relating to a certain person. Somebody may be trying to point you in the direction that you need to go. You must relax and focus on your own life. You have missed a huge and profitable opportunity.

SOON: Dream of chips symbolises that you still think about that person you met yesterday who told you something that impressed you. Your carat is recognized as professional. You want to do things that others admire in order to succeed professionally. You have been wanting to bet on your training for a long time. Your destiny is yours, no one else’s, so you can continue to take steps forward.

FUTURE: Dream of chips indicates that a colleague could intercede for you if the situation becomes too tense, thank him. At work everything will be fine, but a colleague will put you in a bind. You will laugh at everything that once made you cry. That will bring you security, something that comes in handy now. You will receive very good news regarding your work or profession.

ADVICE: You must accept it with a smile, discarding the possibility of rejecting it. Dedicate yourself to being happy and have full confidence that everything will go perfectly.

WARNING: If so, do not rule out offering them financial or other compensation. Don’t be angry because the alternative you are presented with will not be so bad.

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