Dream of Chinchilla

MEANING: Dream of chinchilla indicates that takes note of this valuable teaching and acts on it from today. Not a good week to embark on projects that involve too high a risk. Everything will be fine, but be careful with the car. Try to be more objective with everything so you can better evaluate what is happening. Solutions will come to you as if by magic when you think things are worse than ever.

SOON: Dream of chinchilla indicates that now it’s time to keep fighting for your goals even if it’s hard. It’s time for you to realize and value all the good things you have. It’s good for you to disconnect so you don’t start the week with tension. It’s not a question of money and you know it, it’s a question of generosity and time. It’s good that you have clear professional goals.

FUTURE: Dream of chinchilla symbolises that someone close to you may be able to offer you some of the keys you need. Intimate or personal life is emphasized by making you enjoy the family atmosphere. If you know how to play your cards well you can get economic improvements. You’ll have to pull out all your stops to overcome a somewhat embarrassing situation. You are a social animal and will need little time to adapt.

ADVICE: If you have a partner, consider that you are just expanding your circle of friends. Relax and savor it all as much as possible.

WARNING: Face with illusion any plan proposed to you, do not let yourself be carried away by laziness. Do not accept what you consider to be an injustice.

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