Dream of Chapel

MEANING: Dream of chapel expresses that an issue that concerns you is consuming a good part of your time and energy. Have the courage to be yourself even if some don’t like it. If you have children, you will be given news today that is important to them. A part of yourself is not fully expressed. You suffer a delay or a change of plans because someone, in the end, cannot comply with what was agreed.

SOON: Dream of chapel suggests that your opportunity is in discovering yourself by observing your own childhood reactions. Worries at work are being removed, at least for the time being. Now one of the most important things for you is to expand your understanding and vision of things. You get your address back and go straight to achieving your goals. You like to know what is going on around you, but with discretion.

FUTURE: Dream of chapel expresses that a meal may be the best time to gain some kind of power in that area. Your strength of mind will help you not to throw in the towel with what you set out to do. In any case, your relationship will be revitalized and that is very good. There are things you can change in your diet that will suit you very well. You will feel strong, with high self-esteem.

ADVICE: If you feel tense, do a relaxation exercise. Take the opportunity to go to a deserted cove or some quiet place in the mountains.

WARNING: In any case, go with caution because people are very gossipy. Get away from those people who steal your energy.

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