Dream of Champagne

MEANING: Dream of champagne symbolises that mistrust and jealousy of the couple begin to be unbearable for you. You will feel some fear for economic issues that do not depend exclusively on you. Don’t give so much importance to certain things of the past that are already behind you. It is not the time to make transcendent decisions, especially regarding love life. Perhaps, your numerous social commitments have made you neglect your relationship with her.

SOON: Dream of champagne signifies that talking about sex with your partner is essential now. You are helping a person a lot and that is very good, but you must not forget yourself. You have the option, however, to think positive and return to your self as soon as possible. Your positive spirit is helping people you love. A good option would be for you to spend the weekend with yourself.

FUTURE: Dream of champagne suggests that your more mysterious side will come out and others will not understand you at all. At night you will be comforted by a message or a call. Whatever age you are, you will be willing to eat the world. You will do your best to stay in touch, even if it is virtually. You will be able to enjoy the pleasures with all tranquility, taking out all their flavor.

ADVICE: Accept it without discussion and think of other possible solutions. Enjoy your home because you need to rest.

WARNING: Don’t let him heal alone, see the doctor and take his advice to heart. Face with illusion any plan proposed to you, do not let yourself be carried away by laziness.

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