Dream of Buttons

MEANING: Dream of buttons signifies that you are not in a good mood and the first affected will be you and then those who live with you. Don’t be so prejudiced if you are introduced to a person who has nothing to do with you. Don’t get ahead of yourself before the future comes. You are facing a period of learning, of assimilation of new values. Adjusting to a new schedule or a new task will not be as difficult today as you thought.

SOON: Dream of buttons signifies that he is actually more right than you think, and he can help you a lot. You have plenty of energy and ideas to get more out of your economy. When you do things without looking at your watch you enjoy it twice as much. Your income, expenses and savings management could be greatly improved and you know it. Your mind needs free space, without conversations that make you nervous.

FUTURE: Dream of buttons means that you start the week in a positive way on a professional level. You will have to ask for things expressly, without detours. You overcome the flu and increase your energy reserves. The connection will be immediate and you will feel great. You will receive a message or e-mail with information that you should study carefully.

ADVICE: Be brave and you will be happy, but don’t stop asking for help when you need it. You can continue with the fast pace you have been keeping lately but without neglecting your health.

WARNING: Don’t let a person escape who can bring you a lot of happiness. Don’t settle for little, go for the best, you better than anyone else know how much you can achieve.

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