Dream of Bulletproof

MEANING: Dream of bulletproof signifies that if you think he is not right and is overdoing it, tell him without fear, but with courtesy. The sentimental will hog your attention even though you run the risk of having false illusions. A celebration is approaching in which they are counting on you in a very special way. You are lacking determination and energy needed to move forward in some situation. Listen to your intuition and do not let it limit you to an excess of rationality.

SOON: Dream of bulletproof shows that you go from making annual plans to being surprised by circumstances as they come. You are totally unstoppable and full of strength and energy. The culmination of a period of sickness of soul and body has come to an end. You do well to study new strategies to be more productive. Now you give value to what is true love, without conditions.

FUTURE: Dream of bulletproof means that everything negative and bad will now be behind. A friend can help you a lot in this stressful time. The prospects are favorable for you in all that means unions. Your neighbors or your surroundings may give you some happy surprise. A meal or a meeting with friends will do you good to confront ideas and laughter.

ADVICE: Asks for favors only when strictly necessary. Try to open your face to love and thus it will be possible to find what you are looking for.

WARNING: Don’t rush to sign documents or commit to anything. Don’t blame your partner if you don’t solve the problems between you.

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