Dream of Brinjal

MEANING: Dream of brinjal symbolises that you will relate easily to the people around you. In a meeting with friends you will become aware of the real problem that one of them has. Your commitment and patience will make the luck go your way. Your idealism makes you fight for noble causes. You are very excited about this good news that you were hoping to give and that has finally been fulfilled.

SOON: Dream of brinjal indicates that it’s never too late to go back to school. Something comes out of your life so that something new comes and a new rebirth arises. Love for yourself requires defending what you know is rightfully yours. Maybe it’s better to lose some money and have time to rest. Life is actually simpler than you imagine.

FUTURE: Dream of brinjal means that a spiritual pause will do wonders at this time to regain emotional balance. Any plan you make will be carried out with less effort. You will need to develop a plan that fits your new needs. A friend will give you a touch on this, listen to him. You will surprise many with your change of attitude towards life.

ADVICE: Listen carefully to what your parents or a family member who knows what they are talking about. Think that your experience is fundamental and a source of information that will make you successful.

WARNING: Try not to let anyone get hurt, not even you. Don’t stop to think about the negative because that won’t bring you any advantages.

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