Dream of Breaking Masks

MEANING: Dream of breaking masks suggests that you need to get out of your environment and open up to new landscapes, whether physical, tangible, or mental. You may encounter obstacles at work today, and you will have to look for shortcuts to solve them. Maybe there is something you need to be aware of and heal. Don’t give too much credibility to a project that is proposed to you at work. You will feel happy and excited about the varied plans that are presented on the weekend.

SOON: Breaking masks in dream means that you think experience is the best teacher. No one knows better than you what is good for your body. That’s not bad as long as you don’t suffer. If you think you made a wrong decision, you still have time to rectify. You are very interested in everything that can increase your happiness and quality of life.

FUTURE: Dream of breaking masks shows that friends will be essential for you to feel like having fun. You will go out with the same friends and attend the same parties. You will start the day with enthusiasm and willingness to work. You will be convinced that union makes strength. Your intuition is sharp and what you sense will be very accurate.

More about Breaking Masks

Dream of mask suggests that a show or a cinema, will suit you very well, even if it is a bit hasty to organize it. Your initiative can make your dreams come true once you set your mind to it. Certain actions of the past will have repercussions on your present. You are congratulated or you advance in a labor subject. Your horizons are broadened in everything related to your work or profession.

Dream of breaking masks contains special messages

ADVICE: You must trust people more and express your concerns. Call an old friend you haven’t heard from in a while and enjoy the reunion.

WARNING: Do not give them credit as they are unfounded and the fruit of envy. Stay away from the envious and bad influences.

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