Dream of Breaking Ice

MEANING: Dream of breaking ice signifies that you should be cautious in matters of money and adjust your expenses as much as possible. New winds are blowing in your workplace. Perhaps you are feeling overlooked in your life. You dream of an escape, but you must be consistent with everything around you. Don’t go crazy with christmas shopping.

SOON: Breaking ice in dream means that you demand subordination, but lose respect for the person who obeys you. Sometimes you are afraid to live and experiment, but that doesn’t make much sense. You need to settle certain domestic issues before committing to new obligations. You’re old enough to have to hide some of your behavior. It’s okay to strive for others, but be clear about your priorities.

FUTURE: Dream of breaking ice signifies that you will notice that it is never too late to be at peace with yourself and those around you. You will enjoy it and feel very comforted. There are new intellectual fields within your reach that will be very enriching for you. You are now reaping what you sowed in the past. You will be very successful in a social event or in a meeting with different people.

More about Breaking Ice

Dream of ice symbolises that he will give you the measure of what he is willing to grant you for now. Exercise will make you feel healthier, stronger and more vital. His appreciation will be good for you and your family relations in general. Your word, your message and your presence will be of vital importance in your family circle. You will hear something that will make you feel loved.

Dream of breaking ice contains special messages

ADVICE: When you finish your duties, take some time for yourself. Invest time to listen to them and welcome them with love.

WARNING: Don’t say no to that special invitation if you are single and looking for a partner. Don’t rule out being attracted to someone.

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