Dream of Blue Worms

MEANING: Dream of blue worms symbolises that it will not hurt you to be active, it will take away that pessimistic tone of your mind. You are shutting someone or something out of your life. Don’t think you’ve made a wrong decision, it’s the right thing to do. Perhaps others are underestimating your abilities. Today you will have time to enjoy with good friends who always lift your heart.

SOON: Blue worms in dream indicates that assertiveness requires expressing things with sincerity but without hurting the other. It’s better to take a well-deserved break than to force the machine too much. There is a lot of positive energy around you. Money is important and requires your attention to it to be more loving. You are very versatile and jump from one topic to another with ease.

FUTURE: Dream of blue worms suggests that you will be able to get an advantage thanks to your people skills. Those moments of solitude will be enriching. I’m sure your partner or your children will be happy to accompany you. Right there, in the center of your stupefaction, will reside the seed of your renewed strength. You will regain intellectual impulse and willingness to work.

More about Blue Worms

Dream of worms suggests that that which destroyed you now will make you laugh like never before. This person may be worth it, you should at least try and take a chance. You will realize the importance a person has in your life. You will be happy and will like that everybody knows what you have decided to do. You will discover aspects of his personality unknown to you until now.

Dream of blue worms contains special messages

ADVICE: The answers are inside you, so use them to grow. You must be determined and brave now, without waiting or looking the other way.

WARNING: You don’t need to make foolish and crazy and almost thoughtless decisions now. Don’t minimize what the other person has to say.

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