Dream of Blue Lotus

MEANING: Dream of blue lotus expresses that you are too concerned about a family matter over which you have no real control. A family member will do you a great favor that will change your relationship forever. You need to confront a person in your life. You will behave in a somewhat disappointing way when relating to a person you care about. Today you can’t avoid a commitment, probably with the in-laws, which is heavy for you.

SOON: Dream of blue lotus signifies that it’s a question of organization and knowing what they really want to do. Acknowledging mistakes is not a negative thing. You have the power to transform your life and your image. You can plan something for the weekend that you find exciting and wonderful. Throughout your life you incorporate valid information and knowledge.

FUTURE: Dream of blue lotus means that do it and you will feel much more identified with your inner self. You will have to negotiate to get your wishes. You may dare to do some domestic work or make some changes in the decoration. A former co-worker will contact you for a favor. You will have an accomplice in your own family.

ADVICE: Talk to your partner and clarify what is happening, don’t delay. You are a very valuable person and must be above what others say.

WARNING: You need to relax and connect with nature to detoxify from the stress of the last days. You don’t have to be so vigilant about what others are doing.

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