Dream of Biscuits

MEANING: Dream of biscuits signifies that today you must be careful with domestic accidents and injuries. You breathe peace and love around you and forget old quarrels and grudges. Let them talk, even if you notice that someone wants to wear a medal. Now you are shining again with your own light and those who tried to overshadow you, are moving away from your life. Thinking of others is something you must do more carefully today.

SOON: Dream of biscuits expresses that you and only you know what happens inside you and what you want to do in life. The most important thing now is that you feel happy. The more discreet you are, the better for your interests. Your partner deserves the best of the best, as you know. That path and that empathy are unbeatable.

FUTURE: Dream of biscuits suggests that your partner won’t stop thinking about an issue that you think is already closed. Doing what you want at the right time will ensure your projections. You will not lack optimism and confidence in what you do. Change will come to change certain circumstances. You will be calmer and in a mood if not very happy, at least more temperate.

ADVICE: Fight with your teeth and nails so they don’t take your stuff. Love seeks you out and will give with you no matter how much you hide.

WARNING: You must not allow anyone to try to manipulate you or speak ill of others in front of you. Don’t start new projects until your existing ones are secured.

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