Dream of Being Shot And Surviving

MEANING: Dream of being shot and surviving shows that a topic that concerns you will center all your thinking today. Take action, move and try to do things differently. Consider doing something that means advancing in the most personal. You always have certain questions pending, that you don’t dare to ask. You are being restrained in some way, either by your own belief system or by someone.

SOON: Dream of being shot and surviving means that if you feel misunderstood by any member of your family, you can only give them time. You are putting a lot of effort into recovering some habits that you know are very good for you. That makes it a time of economic calm and solution of other problems. You are giving your best and that is the only important thing. You immerse yourself in a certain reluctance, in not being willing to move much, but that is not bad.

FUTURE: Dream of being shot and surviving shows that in the economic field things will finally start to go as they should. You will be very lucky with the relatives because they can give you gifts to show their affection. You will have a great time surrounded by fun people who know how to have fun. You receive a very positive response to a letter you sent with a project you believe in. They will give you news that you didn’t expect and that will alter your mood a little.

ADVICE: Though you are attached to the material, awaken your sixth sense. Try to be a little more orderly and organize your time better.

WARNING: Your partner now demands more attention, don’t deny her. Be very careful not to look for bigger problems later, you can still fix it.

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