Dream of Being Schizophrenic

MEANING: Dream of being schizophrenic indicates that a reunion with someone from the past will change everything. Today you will feel somewhat lonely and fear will somehow take hold of you. You are concentrating on some plan or situation. The sweetness of your partner is for you the best stimulus you have. A legal matter is coming to an end and you will soon see very positive results.

SOON: Dream of being schizophrenic suggests that now is the right time to make adjustments to personal appearance. You are full of vitality and hardly need any rest. You have within you all the wisdom necessary to continue taking the steps you are called to take. The important thing is that your intention to love remains intact. Everything around you has a great influence.

FUTURE: Dream of being schizophrenic suggests that everything has a reason and you will soon discover what was hidden behind your intuition. All is well and you lack nothing, and the more you are grateful the less you will lack. If you have the opportunity, now you can visit them. Everything is going to go smoothly and you will receive positive and promising calls. You may realize that you still have feelings for a person you loved very much.

ADVICE: Agree with your partner before investing, buying or lending money. Measures consequences and acts consciously.

WARNING: If they are your partner’s friends or family, try not to let them affect you too much. Don’t stay home and celebrate with your friends.

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