Dream of Being Robbed At Knifepoint

MEANING: Dream of being robbed at knifepoint means that your position will become much stronger and you will feel safe and calm. You need to act on some problem, decision or opportunity. You do not have all the facts to make an informed decision about some matter. You don’t need to focus on material wants and gains. Major changes in the workplace are coming.

SOON: Dream of being robbed at knifepoint suggests that better if you do it in a group because you can make interesting friends. You are great at finding solutions to a problem, when others have already thrown in the towel. The intellectual and the artistic are highlighted. Your coffers are filled even when the economy is shaky. Good communication between all is very important.

FUTURE: Dream of being robbed at knifepoint means that it’s an excellent time to enhance relationships of all kinds. A good walk will relax you and help you sleep much better. Events will prove you right sooner rather than later. A legal matter comes to an end with quite positive results. A new world opens up before you now that love is knocking at your door.

ADVICE: You must understand that a love relationship involves more than what you are offering right now. Try to understand all sides and bring peace, or else a good.

WARNING: Analyze it and don’t reproach yourself anymore. Don’t give it any more thought, what’s done is done.

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