Dream of Being Held At Knifepoint

MEANING: Dream of being held at knifepoint suggests that it can be at work or in sports or any other environment where you usually move. You are not getting enough cooperation or support in some area of your life. You are looking for domestic security and happiness or you just need more sleep. You will be very attuned to the children or to the children nearby. You must allow children, if you have any, or other family members, to enjoy their plans without burdening them.

SOON: Dream of being held at knifepoint indicates that your more earthly side makes you always want to be doing things. You care about everything around you, in a global way, in relation to social issues. Friendships and all types of relationships are now illuminated by the presence of your partner. You can’t help but feel like a protagonist and be the center of attention. September is a time for new purposes and projects.

FUTURE: Dream of being held at knifepoint signifies that your partner will be more attentive to everything you do or say. Couple, friends and associates join forces with you to make your dreams come true. You try to renew those relationships and you will contact them through any means. Everything related to travel is positively activated. You will not be afraid of anything and will want to experiment with the unknown.

ADVICE: Accept with a smile on your lips the challenges or changes that come your way. Try not to despair if something you were looking forward to is delayed.

WARNING: Do not spoil what you are starting with that person. Don’t feel guilty about what you are not.

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