Dream of Being Popular

MEANING: Dream of being popular means that it will be a relationship that you will have to cultivate from the first day so that it does not abandon you. You need to get rid of bad energies and toxic people that can contaminate you. There is some situation or problem that you need to master and get a handle on. Be careful if that person or persons are not used to exercise. That change will be good for you in the face of good weather and you will project in others that well-being.

SOON: Dream of being popular signifies that you exude a special charm that captivates all kinds of people. If you already have a partner, now is a good time to move forward with the commitment. There is someone in your family who requires, now more than ever, your attention and love. Every time you think in negative you undo the path you have already walked to improve your life. Life has good and bad moments, but you prefer to remember the good ones.

FUTURE: Dream of being popular expresses that you will think of a relationship that has just begun. All this is going to be very positive and hopeful. You will be convinced that union makes strength. Something may happen that will improve the relationship with a sibling or close relative. You must remain attentive to the signs with which life will indicate the right path.

ADVICE: Spend the weekend resting and spending time with your friends. Beware of sudden changes in meals or schedules.

WARNING: Listen, yes, but don’t be convinced because there may be danger. Beware of irrational feelings that lead to conflict.

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