Dream of Being Measured

MEANING: Dream of being measured means that ask a professional for help if you need it. You’ll smile a lot more relaxed today and in a better mood because positive news comes. A confrontation with a partner will mark the day. Give him a chance from today on, because maybe you can find in him a good friend for the future. Don’t delay one more minute the opportunities that life gives you to achieve your dreams.

SOON: Dream of being measured indicates that your boldness is positive as long as it does not expose you to certain dangers. Some pending legal issues will be best resolved. It’s a promising start, full of positive energy. You have within you enough strength to reinvent yourself and that makes you powerful. You are living a time of much change and altering your habits.

FUTURE: Dream of being measured symbolises that everything can happen, but it is you who must allow it. Someone may come to you for help in some financial matter. At night you will have a very comforting moment of inner peace. His advice will help you to have a before and after in your life. You will understand this when facing an unexpected situation on your own.

ADVICE: Keep striving for what your heart longs for. Write everything on a paper, you will think more rationally and see everything more clearly.

WARNING: Listen to their arguments, even if they are heavy or uninteresting. Don’t put off a vacation that your body has been asking for for some time.

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