Dream of Being Hit In The Face

MEANING: Dream of being hit in the face suggests that don’t object to anything even if you think it’s wrong. On the other hand, you might get lucky in gambling, as long as you don’t exceed. Talk to him as much as you have to. Very intense day in which you will be surrounded by a certain melancholy for people who are no longer in your life. You will feel again that things are getting heavier and slower.

SOON: Being hit in the face in dream symbolises that after all, it’s how you see things, but maybe it’s not reality. Your ego is renewed, remove negative comments from you. You’ve been thinking about taking a trip to a paradise for a long time. As you should already know, health is a very serious issue. Directly it does not benefit you, but you are happy to think that justice has been done at last.

FUTURE: Dream of being hit in the face shows that dreams will be prophetic and revelations very successful. You will highlight your true spiritual values. You will deal with unfinished business before launching into other challenges. You will now be able to intelligently combine productivity, creativity and pleasure. You can be your best friend and never be left out again.

More about Being Hit In The Face

Dream of face symbolises that your superiors will support your ideas, don’t let them down. You will find the way out of something that worries you the moment you stop looking. If you detect an injustice, you will intervene on behalf of the injured person. A person crosses your path who in time will become indispensable to you. Surely you are now waiting for something you have long desired.

Dream of a hit shows that you will be the sauce of a party or social event to which you will be invited at the last moment. Things will go better than you imagine now. The singles of the sign will value their independence in the summer months. A period of truce opens at home, with your family. You will show off in front of your co-workers and your superiors will recognize your work.

Dream of being hit in the face contains special messages

ADVICE: Open the door to changes and novelties, however strange they may seem to you. Strive to see reality from a more positive point of view.

WARNING: Don’t be angry if someone refuses an invitation to join you. Get a general check-up to rule out any pathology, but don’t become a hypochondriac.

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