Dream of A Hit

MEANING: Dream of a hit symbolises that the waters will return to their course if you have a small detail, an invitation or something surprising. You are moving toward a questionable or risky direction in your life. Love is calling but if you don’t want it, it will pass you by. Your social image is revalued, something that now matters a lot to you. Don’t get carried away by what society considers right or wrong.

SOON: Dream of a hit symbolises that your strength and inner power are doubled. Words are precious to people you truly care about. You are inclined to everything that gives you peace, beauty and harmony. You are worth a lot, but you have to believe in yourself. A date is nearer and nearer that will be decisive for you.

FUTURE: Dream of a hit expresses that this will save you disappointment and you will live more peacefully. Your last days expenses will be reduced and you will receive money that you already gave for lost. You will be inclined to seek justice and truth, and will want to end injustices. They will value that effort you make and will not put any hindrance to your wishes. Very good news about money will come soon.

ADVICE: Moderate your professional pretensions and you will walk with more lightness. There are things that must be transformed now in your life and you must put yourself on the path.

WARNING: You must change that attitude if you don’t want to end up arguing with your partner or loved ones. If you were hurt in the past, remember that something similar does not have to happen in the present.

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